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A Guide to Business Valuation and Due Diligence Services in Dubai

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Are you planning to invest in a company? Nufca’s Due Diligence team can help you evaluate firms in Dubai and other parts of the UAE to make informed decisions about such acquisitions.

The evaluation of an organization’s financial performance is known as diligence assurance. It enables entrepreneurs to thoroughly understand their company’s earning potential, consumers, management competency, suppliers, and financial condition. Individuals or organizations are willing to do business with another company in the UAE to complete diligence assurance.

due diligence

NUFCA’s diligence team can help you evaluate businesses in Dubai and give essential data for decision-making. We have a staff of internal audit functions and researchers who work on projects in several industries. Our diligence audit in Dubai is specifically for mergers, privatizations, acquisitions, and other business finance transactions.

Types of Due Diligence in Dubai

1. Operational Due Diligence: This is concerned with a company’s non-financial problems and covers HR tasks, assessments, and top management assessments, among other things.

2. Legal Due Diligence: Analyze any legal risks related to the obligations and rights of the target company. This section covers intellectual assets, employment problems, and other related problems.

3. Commercial Due Diligence: Commercial diligence assurances at NUFCA look into various aspects, including market conditions, competition analysis, product or service evaluation, or any commercial data.

4. Financial Due Diligence: Due diligence is required to confirm financial information and ensure that shareholders appropriately assess risk and comprises an examination of data and information to calculate the firm’s economic performance.

Benefits of Due Diligence Audit with NUFCA

  • Get a precise view of the company
  • Validation of all business-related material information
  • Get to know about risks related to transactions.
  • Identify contract breakers and avoid disastrous commercial transactions by building trust between two unrelated parties.
  • Check to see if the transaction meets the purchase or investment criteria.

What Will NUFCA Do?

  • To begin, create a program that describes the acquisition aim and its objectives.
  • For due diligence purposes, please get to know the industry and concentrate on it.
  • Provide a team with segment and other task knowledge.
  • Make a schedule for finishing each assignment.
  • Create a procedure and other data to keep.
  • Perform diligence.
  • Lastly, we provide a documented report.
  • As an expert by your side, we will not only help you to derive the correct company value but we will also help you in advising the right negotiation strategy.

How We Do It?

Our teams can significantly increase your chances of success by understanding your objectives, developing plans, providing strategy, commercial, and monetary due diligence with the best provincial intelligence, and providing regular reporting that links commercial and economic issues to your strategic objectives.

NUFCA’s experienced professionals will use probabilistic approaches in Valuation to asses all the key business drivers of the target company and provide you with the precise valuation report.

For Best Due Diligence services, contact NUFCA.

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