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Internal Auditors in Dubai

Internal Auditors in Dubai

Internal Auditors in Dubai

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What is Internal Auditing?

Internal Audits evaluate an organization’s internal controls, corporate
governance, and accounting processes. This type of audit ensures compliance
with the laws and regulations and helps to maintain accurate and timely
financial reporting and data collection. Internal auditing enhances the growth
of the organization by evaluating and improving the productivity, performance,
and effectiveness of risk management.


What do Internal Auditors do?

Internal auditors hold the expertise and authorization to assess, review and
verify the accuracy of your company’s records to ensure the security of
information and regulatory compliance. Our Internal auditors at Nadeem and
Umendra Chartered accountants investigate suspected mismanagement of
funds and create solutions to nullify the risks of fraud and waste. We provide
assurance on risk management, internal controls, and governance. Our
expertise results in improving and enhancing your organization’s business
The key responsibilities of Internal Auditors are,

  1. Monitor, analyze, and assess the risks & controls of the organization
  2. Review the company’s compliance with government policies and laws
  3. Provide reassurance and recommendations to the business owner, or
    board members


The Role of Internal Auditors in Dubai, UAE

The primary role of an internal auditor is to monitor and assure that your
business assets are properly secure from threats. The assets can be financial,
technological, or any other assets. The auditor also verifies that the
organization’s processes are complying with your documented policies and
Now let’s take a look at the benefits and importance of Internal Auditing.

Why you should hire an internal auditor in UAE

We ensure that your organization will get all the necessary benefits required for a better
business functioning.

  1. Management will be more efficient about what to explore.
    For example, while external financial audits must test an entire financial system, a
    company may be concerned about whether the cash management process is being
    fraudulently managed; therefore, management can elect to have all audit procedures
    analyze cash processes.
  2. We provide complete security and protect your organization from possible

    Internal audits scrutinize your cybersecurity environment, counting all your digital
    devices and examining whether they are secured in line with your policies. We look for
    vulnerabilities in your digital systems and networks and advise on how to face and
    maintain such scenarios. We consider and ensure that all the identified risks to your
    enterprise are being analyzed and whether your risk mitigations are working as they
    should. Where they aren’t, audit reports will tell you what you need to do to resolve the
  3. The company enhances its control environment.
    Even if the internal audit yields no findings, employees may be aware that their work
    gets analyzed and reported on, thereby motivating adherence to company policy.
  4. We make your organization function better and more efficient
    External audits often are not intended to make processes better; they are meant to
    review whether processes are accurate. This distinction is important because a
    company may be “just getting by” with inefficient processes that meet very minimum
  5. Our Internal audit reports give management a head start to make

    Instead of having to scramble when an external audit finds a deficiency, management
    can take longer to think through solutions, implement the solution with care, and review
    whether the solution worked.
  6. Certain departments may need enhanced oversight.
    Whether it is a lack of expertise, staffing shortages, or a problem with the current
    personnel, a company may benefit from targeting a specific area and formally
    reviewing its workflow and processes.
    Choose the right internal auditing services for your organization and get your auditing
    processes done by expert professionals from us!
    Don’t wait long!
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