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Everything You Should Know About Dubai Design District

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Dubai Design District is a design centre that has been established to encourage & uplift the design industry. It was built in 2013 and is intended to support the design community. It is situated near the Mall of Dubai. It has successfully established itself as a leader, representing diverse platforms in the artistic and luxury sectors for creative thinkers. And, if the businesses established in Dubai Design District (D3) want to conduct an audit then they should hire Dubai Design District (D3) approved auditors for the same. 

dubai design district

Types of businesses in Dubai design district:

There are many types of businesses running in the design industry, but designing plays a major role in all of the businesses there. Following are some of the main segments under which the businesses can be carried out:

  • Architectural design
  • Modeling Agency
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Industrial design
  • Concept design
  • Sales promotion
  • Beauty Advisors
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Fashion Design Consultancy
  • Image Consultancy
  • Graphic Design

Types of licenses in d3:

There are 2 types of licenses offered for doing business in D3 – Service License and Commercial License.

  • Setting up a company in Dubai Design District

The company set-up in the Dubai Design District (D3) is similar to that of other free zones. With or without permits, a commercial co-space is available and there is also the option of opting for a workspace by day, month or year.

Process of setting up a business in Dubai design district

Following are the steps that should be followed to set up a company in Dubai Design District:

  • Submission of the application: The 1st thing that you need to set up a company in Dubai Design District is to get an application form and register your company and later get a license for the same. After getting the license, you need to handover it to the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone.
  • Document submission and payment process: After submission of the application, you have to cross-check all the important documents and it should have the requisite seal and signatures that are specified in the form. And you are expected to pay the necessary fees or charges after submitting the form.
  • Receiving the documents: After doing the payment, you have to collect the registration certificate and business license that is issued by the registrar. 

In conclusion, we would like to say that the Dubai Design District is a huge platform for designers to present their talents. If you are a designer or in some designing related work or in any other sector that we have mentioned above then you should also start your business in Dubai Design District and also it is a free zone so you will get many benefits if you set up your business in Dubai Design District. 

We, NUF Chartered accountants are professional auditors and we are also Dubai Design District (D3) approved auditors and Dubai Internet City (DIC) approved auditors in Dubai, UAE, so we can help you in setting up your business in Dubai Design District and Dubai Internet city and if own your business in these free zones or any free zones, we can help you in auditing and other financial needs of your business, so feel free to Contact Us. We are helping businesses all around the world by providing our expert services to them.

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