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Auditing in Dubai – Gain the Right expertise!

Auditing in Dubai

Auditing is one of the major verification steps that every organization should focus on, to ensure that the financial information of the company is represented and managed fairly and accurately. If you are looking for top auditing firms in UAE for your organization’s welfare, Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants (NUF) stand out of all by providing top-notch services that work well for your business requirements. Before stepping into what kind of auditing services we provide and how they will benefit you, let’s understand the basic meaning of Auditing and why you need it.

Auditing refers to financial statement audits or an objective examination of a company’s financial statements, usually prepared by an external third party like public accounting firms or certified public accountants. Every organization needs to have auditing done to evaluate business accounting processes, to ensure that your business complies with the rules and regulations, and lastly to produce timely reports of your financial data.

NUF offers the best audit and assurance services that include Internal & External Auditing, RERA (The Real Estate Regulatory Agency) account auditing, Mollak services, Due diligence auditing, liquidation auditing, Forensic auditing, IFRS Advisory services, and Agreed-upon procedures. We also provide a comprehensive series of specialized business finance solutions to organizations that faces complexity and difficulty in financial management.

NUF Auditing Services – Explained!

Let’s get into a detailed overview of what we provide as a team of expert auditing professionals to improve your enterprise’s financial management!

Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing is usually performed within the organization by the employees. Businesses with shareholders or a board of directors use this type of audit to update themselves on the finances of the business. Internal Auditing is essential to improve decision-making and internal controls. NUF makes it easier for organizations to manage this vital information by providing Internal Bookkeeping to adopt a systematic, regimented approach to examine and boost the effectiveness of danger management, control, and governance processes.

External Auditing

External Auditing is generally performed by external organizations or third parties who give an unbiased opinion with accuracy that internal audits might not be able to render. External audits are significant to allow various stakeholders to confidently make decisions surrounding the company that is being audited. By working closely with various teams consisting of business tax, accountancy, private clients as well as business advisory experts, NUF provides the right advice that surpasses your expectations.

RERA Escrow Services

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) a government agency is responsible for the formulation of rules and regulations for various real estate activities in Dubai which requires all the developers to be registered with RERA should have an ESCROW account and conduct an independent audit to identify the completion status of the project regarding the progress of construction. RERA also requires an annual submission of the audit report for all completed projects from the registered developers. With our team of audit specialists, we help them by acting as consultants to developers in complying with RERA portals like TAS, and the OQOOD system with RERA laws and regulations.

Mollak Services

MOLLAK is an online service system to help real estate stakeholders, including residential property designers, owners, capitalists as well as organization managers follow all RERA enrollment and monitoring demands. The primary aim of MOLLAK is to give an online registration and support system to interested parties who are handling collectively possessed residential property in the Emirate of Dubai. NUF is one of the very few service providers who cater to their clients and provide services that will assist them in this genre.

Due Diligence Auditing

Due Diligence Auditing is an internally conducted audit of a company that seeks to ensure whether the company is ready for sale. It prevents the questions and issues that arise during the due diligence process and ensures that the company is ready to face them. A due diligence audit enhances the quality of the information which provokes good decision-making and leads to achievable results. NUF assists you in such a way that you will be able to take the right decision during the right circumstances.

Liquidation Auditing

NUFCA also offers liquidation solutions to all Dubai mainland and also free area companies in UAE. Our team of liquidators helps you in all phases of the process and our reports through bookkeeping list the liabilities and assets of the company and proffer the best assistance at all times.

Forensic Auditing

A forensic audit examines and evaluates the analysis of a company’s or an individual’s financial files. Throughout the auditing process, the auditor seeks to acquire evidence that could be possibly made use in court. NUF facilitates you to identify as well as reply to threats and susceptibilities that stem from worldwide corruption, financial mismanagement and likewise dangers that may arise.

NUF also provides IFRS (International Financial Reporting Requirements) advisory services and increases your business’s integrity before the stakeholders, Government, finance carriers, and other authorities. Experience the expertise of the best auditing services in Dubai, UAE, from Nadeem and Umendra Chartered Accountants with no delay! Contact us for more information.

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